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Print centre Rovato (Bs)

Via Paolo Borsellino. 9
25038 Rovato (BS)
Tel. +39 030 7721730
Fax +39 030 7701261

We are located in the artisan quarter of Rovato, in Italy’s Brescia Province, just minutes from the A4 (Milan-Venice) and A35 (Brescia-Bergamo-Milan) motorway exits.
Eurocolor.Net srl Via P. Borsellino, 9 – 25038 Rovato BS italia


EUROCOLOR has been operational in advertising and communications for over 50 years. The service we offer you as our partner is comprehensive. We’ll take care of everything, from the creative aspects in graphic design through to bringing the final project to life.

We use the most progressive technology to guarantee you, the customer, a tangible business advantage. Whatever your project – establishing a new brand, bringing a marketing campaign to fruition or printing brochures, catalogues and books – you’ll know you’re getting the most from your investment with us.


Via Paolo Borsellino. 9
25038 Rovato (BS)
+39 030 7721730